This is a gallery of music composed by Somtow that displays a variety of styles suitable for film synchronization including epic, fantasy, sci-fi and thriller.

This is one of the unused tracks from the award-winning documentary Buddha's Lost Children.  Using the musical idiom of northern Thai music, the track uses a combination of Thai and western acoustic instruments.

Another small excerpt from the Buddha's Lost Children unused files.

This is the lover's farewell, "Deserted City" from the ballet Suriyothai.  It has been performed all over the world as a standalone work for solo violin and orchestra.  In the Suriyothai story, it shows the city of Ayuthaya deserted before the dawn, when all the men have gone to war against King Tabinshveti.

In Somtow's Requiem, composed in memory of HRH Princess Galyani, the Pie Jesu movement is a hypnotic elaboration of a simple canon on a Lanna scale.

Commissioned by the Fairhaven Singers from Cambridge, England, this is a madrigal for 8-part choir.

Excerpts from Somtow's Requiem for the Mother of Songs, which has been hailed by critics as a major addition to the shelf alongside the great classsic requiems.