Short Fiction by S.P. Somtow

(G) Gardner Dozois recommended reading list (starting 1985) (D) Ellen Datlow recommended reading list (starting 1988)(L) Locus recommended reading list (starting 1990s) (N) Nebula preliminary ballot (F) reprinted in Fire from the Wine-dark Sea;  (U) reprinted, in altered form, in Utopia Hunters (M) reprinted in Mallworld (P) reprinted in Pavilion of Frozen Women (CMF) reprinted in My Cold Mad Father (CC) reprinted in Chui Chai

1. “Sunsteps,” UNEARTH, Summer 1977 (F)

2. “The Thirteenth Utopia,” Analog, April 1979; 1980 Annual Worlds Best SF (DAW) (N)(F)

3. “A Day in Mallworld,” IASFM, October, 1979 also “Dzie´n w Mallworld,” Fantastyka magazine (Polish) (M)

4. “The Web Dancer,“ IASFM, Dec 1979 repr. WHY I LEFT HARRY’S ALL-NIGHT HAMBURGERS  ed. Sheila Williams, 1992 (U)

5. “Comets and Kings,” Chrysalis 5, 1979 (Zebra Books)(F)

6. “Fire from the Wine-dark Sea,” Other Worlds 1, 1979 (P) (Zebra Books)(N)(F)(CMF)

7. “Darktouch,” IASFM Jan 1980; repr. in “Aliens and UFOs”, 1993 (F)

8. “Rabid in Mallworld,” IASFM Jun 1980;.Isaac Asimov’s Near Futures and Far, Dial Press, 1982 (M)

9. “Sing a Song of Mallworld,” IASFM Jul 1980 (N)(M)

10. “Light on the Sound,” IASFM August 1980 (novella version)                     

11. “Dear Caressa, or, This Towering Torment,” IASFM Sep 1980(F)

12. “Angels’ Wings,” Chrysalis 8 (F)

13. “The Rainbow King,” IASFM 16/2/81 (U)

14. “The Vampire of Mallworld,” Amazing, May 1981(M)

15. “The Dust,” IASFM,  3/8/81 (Winner of the Edmond Hamilton Award, 1982) (U)

16. “Mallworld Graffiti,” IASFM, 31/8/81 (M)

*17. “Absent Thee from Felicity Awhile,” Analog, 14/9/81 (Hugo Nominee)(N)(F)(CC)

    1982 Worlds Best SF (DAW)

18. “The Dark Side of Mallworld,” IASFM 26/10/81(M)

19. “The Jaws of Mallworld,” Mallworld, Donning/Starblaze, 1982

20. “The Last Line of the Haiku,” Amazing, Nov 1981(F)

21. “A Child of Earth and Starry Heaven,” Chrysalis 9, 1981(F)(CMF             (revised and retitled “The Bad News Express”)

22. “Aquila,” IASFM 18/1/82(Hugo Nominee)

23. “Remembrances”, IASFM 15/3/82 (U)

24. “Aquila the God,” IASFM, Apr 1982 (F)

25. “Scarlet Snow,” IASFM, May 1982 (U)

26. “Coaster Time,” Fantasy Review, 1982 (F)

27. “The Fallen Country,” Elsewhere, Vol. 2 (1982) Strange Visions, ed. Donaldson, Bantam (1991)

28. “The Red Wizard”, tie-in story written for The Master Elite game

29. “Aquila Meets Bigfoot,” Amazing, Jan 1983

30. “Aquila: The Final Conflict,” Amazing, May 1983

31. “The Shattered Horse,” Amazing, May 1984

32. “The Comet that Cried for its Mother,” Amazing, Sep 1984 (U)

33. “Coming of Age in the Greenhouse,” Stardate, Apr 1986

34. “Fiddling For Waterbuffaloes,” Analog Apr 1986;  also in TALESFROM PLANETEARTH, ed. Fred Pohl, St. Martin’s (1987) and 1986 BEST SCIENCE FICTION, edited by Dozois (St. Martin’sPress); also 1991 chapbook from Pulphouse Press (L)(G)(N)

35. “ResurrecTech™,” Night Cry, Winter 1986, (Bram Stoker Award Nominee)

36. “Anna and the Ripper of Siam,” JACK THE RIPPER, ed. Dozoisand Casper, TOR, 1988 (G)(D)

*37. “The Madonna of the Wolves”, Asimov’s, November 1988; repr.  in GREAT TALES OF MADNESS AND THE MACABRE, 1990 ed.  Charles Ardai (D)

38. “LotteryNight,” WFC Program Book, 1989; Asimov’s, April 1990;  YEAR’S BEST SF 7, ed. Dozois (N) Fr. as “Lotterie Macabre”, Asimov’s, Presses-Pocket

39. “Cruise Eternity,” Pulphouse #8, 1990 (G)

40. “Hunting the Lion,”  Weird Tales, 1991 (G)(P)

•41. “Invasion Night,” tie-in story written for video game Earthling

*42. “The Pavilion of Frozen Women,”  COLD SHOCKS, Avon Books, 1991, ed. Tim Sullivan; Nominated for World Fantasy Award;repr. Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror, ed. Datlow(L)(G)(CC)(P)

*43. “Kingdoms in the Sky,” Asimov’s, January 1992 (G)(D)(CC)(CMF)

44. “Dark River,” Midnight Graffiti, 1991

*45. “Chui Chai,” The Ultimate Frankenstein, Dell Books, 1991; repr. The Year’s Best Fantasy,  1992 repr. Best New Horror 3,  1992 (UK and US.) repr. The Giant Book of Best New Horror (UK)(L)(G)(CC)(P)

*46. “Darker Angels,” Confederacy of the Dead, ed. Ed Kramer, NAL, 1993(CMF)(P) repr. Best New Horror 5, 1994, UK (P)

*47. “ Fish are Jumpin’ and the Cotton is High”, Monsters in ourMidst, ed. Robert Bloch, TOR, 1992(P)

48. “I Wake from a Dream of a Drowned Star City”, Axolotl Press,  1991

49. “Chiaroscuro” (collection, to come) 1991

50. “Though I Walk Through the Valley”, The Ultimate Zombie, ed. Betancourt, Dell, 1993 (P)

*51. “Gingerbread”, The Ultimate Witch, ed. Betancourt, Dell, 1993(CC)(P)

52. “Mr. Death’s Blue-eyed Boy”, Phobias, NAL, ed. Kramer,Webb, Greenberg, Gilliam, et al. 1994(P)

53. “The Steel American”, Grails, ed. Ed Kramer, Unnameable Press,  1992 (L)(G)(D)(P)

54. “The Voice of the Hummingbird”, White Wolf Press, ed. Stewart Wieck, 1993 (D)

*55. “Tagging the Moon”, Asimov’s Magazine, mid-Dec, 1993, ed. Gardner Dozois (G)

56. “Dragon’s Fin Soup”, The Ultimate Dragon, ed. Betancourt & Preiss, 1995, nominated for World Fantasy Award, repr. Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror, ed Datlow and Windling

57. “The Hero’s Celluloid Journey”, Weird Tales, ed. Scithers, 1998

58. “Bug-eyed in Mallworld”, The Ultimate Alien, ed.  Betancourt, Preiss, et al. 1995

59. “The Captive Angel” (ex. from Vanitas) I, Vampire ed. HankStine, Longmeadow Press

60. “But None I Think There Do Embrace,” Tombs, ed. Kramer andCrowther, White Wolf, 1995

61. “Beloved Disciple,” Dark Destiny II, ed. Kramer White Wolf, 1995

62. “Diamonds Aren’t Forever”, David Copperfield’s World of the Impossible, ed. Gluckman, 1995,  nominated for the Theodore Sturgeon Award

63. “A Thief in the Night,” from Peter S. Beagle’s Immortal Unicorn ed. Gluckman, 1995

64. “The Last Time I Died in Venice,” from AsianUp, 1996

65. “Brimstone and Salt,” Dark Destinies III, ed. Kramer White Wolf, 1996, nominated for the Bram Stoker Award, winner, International Horror Guild Award

66. “The Ugliest Duckling”, Urban Legends, ed. Josepha Sherman and Keith DeCandido, DAW Books

66. “More Strange than True,” A Midsummer Night’s Dream, ed. M. Christian, 1998

68. “Red as Jade,” The Crow, ed. Ed Kramer, Del Rey/Ballantine, 1998

69. “The Sleeping Ice Princess,” in Fairy Tales of Los Angeles, 2000

70. “Dr. Rumpole,” Realms of Fantasy, 1998

71. “Avoiding Close Encounters,” unpublished

72. “A Lap Dance with the Lobster Lady”, in Strange Attraction, ed. Vince Harper, 2000 ; also chapbook.

73. “The Mallworld Falcon”, in Ultimate Mallworld, 2000

74. “Vanilla Blood”, in Vampire Sextette, ed. Marvin Kaye, SFBC, 2000

75. “The Bird Catcher”,  in Museum of Horrors, ed. Dennis Etchison, 2001 World Fantasy Award Winner

76. “A Different Eden,” in Kabbalah, ed. Edward Kramer, 2001

77. “Little RedCaplets”— Aberrant Dreams

78. “Pawning the Queen” — Aberrant Dreams

79. “An Alien Heresy” — Asimov’s SF